Type of site
Available in English
Owner Wolfram Research
Editor Eric Weisstein
Commercial Yes
Launched January 2002 (2002-01)

ScienceWorld, also known as Eric Weisstein's World of Science, is a Web site that opened to the general public in January 2002. As of November 2007, ScienceWorld includes more than 4,000 entries in fields of science including astronomy, chemistry, physics, as well as biographies of many scientists. It is administrated by Eric Weisstein of Wolfram Research, Inc., who is the chief encyclopedist assigned to the project.

Weisstein is also the editor of MathWorld, one of the best known sources of information on mathematics on the Web. ScienceWorld is an attempt by the same organization to do the same for science.

Although ScienceWorld is not an open-source project, there are significant contributions from well-informed volunteers.

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