School of Silence

School of Silence is a British children's TV series which airs on CBBC. In the show, a group of noisy children in a particular area of Britain are sent to the School of Silence (from which the show gets its name), where they must learn to be silent.

The children have 3 classes at the school, followed by a final exam. The headmistress, Miss Gobstop, is able to monitor the noise levels using a machine called the Gobstop 2000. If the children pass, they will receive the "Golden Gobstopper". However, if they fail, they will be expelled, and each will receive a whoopee cushion.

Round One was with Mr. Gross. His challenges included throwing wet toilet paper at a target.

Round Two was with Nora Nugget and her assistant, Britney Biscuit. Her challenges consisted of combining different foods and the unfortunate child who was chosen had to eat it.

Round 3 was with Mrs. Bunsen. Her challenges was science-based. For example, one challenge was Silent Disco which has the chosen child dance to music which was through headphones while holding bottles of a soft drink.

The last round was named Final exam with the hilariously named Colonel Kittens in which the four children had to endure a barrage of gunge and the 'teacher' making faces and using a fart machine to try to make them laugh or scream.


Series 1

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