Scholastique of Champagne

Scholastique of Champagne, (1172–1219) was the daughter of Marie, Countess of Champagne and Henry I, Count of Champagne.

Marriage and Issue

She married William IV of Mâcon (d.1224) and had the following issue:

  1. Gerard II of Mâcon (d.1224), married in 1220 to Guigone de Forez (d.1240). His daughter Alix (died 1260) inherited rule of Mâcon after both William IV and Gerard II died in 1224.
  2. Henry (d.1233)
  3. William (d.1233)
  4. Beatrice married in 1219 to Hugh, seigneur d'Antigny (1200-ca 1243)

Death and Burial at Troyes

Scholastique died in 1219 and was buried in collegiate church of Saint-Etienne in Troyes. The Church contained the tombs of Marie, Countess of Champagne, Henry I, Count of Champagne, Marie of Champagne, Henry II, and Theobald. Her sister-in-law Countess-Regent Blanche of Navarre would later be buried there as well.


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