Scampolo (1932 film)

Directed by Hans Steinhoff
Produced by Lothar Stark
Written by Dario Niccodemi (play)
Max Kolpé
Felix Salten
Billy Wilder
Starring Dolly Haas
Karl Ludwig Diehl
Oskar Sima
Paul Hörbiger
Music by Artur Guttmann
Franz Waxman
Cinematography Hans Androschin
Curt Courant
Edited by Ella Ensink
Distributed by Bayerische Film
Release dates
26 October 1932
Running time
86 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Scampolo is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Hans Steinhoff and starring Dolly Haas, Karl Ludwig Diehl and Oskar Sima.[1] The film is an adaptation of the Italian play Scampolo by Dario Niccodemi, which has been turned into numerous films.


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