Scènes de ménages

Scènes de Ménage (Household scenes) is a French TV show freely adapted by Alain Kappauf from the Spanish TV show entitled Escenas de matrimonio, produced by Francis Duquet. It broadcasts news episodes from Monday to Friday from 8:05 pm to 8:45 pm.


Marion (Audrey Lamy) and Cedric (Loup-Denis Elion) (since season one)

Marion and Cedric, in their thirties, share a studio flat. They were in love for four years. Cedric works as a manager in a firm: he's cultivated and he likes to show it, which annoys Marion. He has a good image of himself. Cedric practices martial arts. He also tries to convince Marion to have a child. Before, Marion was a temporary worker. Currently, she resumes her psychology studies. She's very jealous, lazy, narrow-minded, a liar, a sore loser, and spendthrift. She also belongs to a charity organization and takes care of elderly people freely. They nickname each other "poussin" ("little honey bun" in English). Their project is to take a trip around the world. They often argue for nothing and make up for nothing.

Liliane (Valérie Karsenti) and José (Frédéric Bouraly) (since season one)

They were married for more than 20 years, but they lived together for 25 years, at least. They live in a suburban residence. They have a son, Emmanuel (nicknamed "Manu"), 23, who left the home in order to work in China. So they have to learn to live together again. José is immature, often anxious, lazy, quite unsophisticated and a bit silly. He works at the youth and sport department of the municipality. He tries to invent new inventions but he always lacks something as Liliane always says. Lillian is beautician. Liliane tries to rekind the romance by erotic games that often turn out badly because of Jose's clumsiness. She also imitates the pigeon.

Huguette (Marion Game) and Raymond (Gérard Hernandez) (since season one)

They are in their seventies. Their main quality is their pure evil. Huguette has to learn to live with her husband Raymond who annoys her. He is a retired gendarme (French police officer). Their everyday life often comes down playing nasty things on their relatives. Sometimes they pool their energy to sabotage the daily life of their family circle. Raymond likes to build models in his free time. Also, he never misses an opportunity to make fun of Huguette's cooking. Raymond nicknames Huguette "Ma Poule" ("My honey bun" in English). They get married because Huguette made Raymond believe she was pregnant. Under this outward appearance, we can see true love.

Emma (Anne-Élisabeth Blateau) and Fabien (David Mora) (since season three)

Emma works at Bricoflex and Fabien is a history-geography professor. Fabien and Emma met in a gym after Fabien got stuck under weights. Emma found it very awkward but also very funny. Both city dwellers are total opposites have moved to the countryside by retyping the old barn Bergounioux father, who later became their neighbor, to make it their home. Debt overwhelmed, they must organize their new life with their daughter Chloe, aged six months (four months at the beginning of the series). The couple nicknamed each other chaton ("kitten" in English). Emma is saleswoman at a hardware store "Bricoflex", and she desperately tries to find her talent in the field of pottery. To which Fabien is constantly reminding her how bad she is at it. She is passionate about her job, and able to handle all DIY tools, she also takes care of the maintenance of their house. Emma is absolutely convinced that aliens exist or are already among us, she is part of the "Club des amis des extraterrestres" whose purpose is the study and preparation of the arrival of the latter. She writes an imaginary book featuring fictional characters corresponding to beings "aliens" living on the planet " Flouks ". Fabien is an avid motocross, recent volunteer firefighter and usually anxious when asked about the future of her daughter. A simple stress or emotional shock rise, can cause him to faint. Professor of history and geography in college, Fabien is a sensitive man and often too attentive towards his daughter.

Philippe (Grégoire Bonnet) and Camille (Amélie Etasse) (since season seven) In the fall 2015, a new couple made its appearance in the series: Camille and Philippe, whose distinction of having almost twenty years apart (the father of Camille 5 years older than Philip).

They met in the pharmacy of Philip. There is a fifty pharmacist and has two children from his first marriage with his ex-wife Isabelle, who more or less accept her new married life. His entourage is actually disturbed him by the age difference. The actor, Gregory Bonnet, said in an interview not to have in common with her character. It also tells us that Philip is rather a fan of gadgets, like owning the "last cry stuff" has a big car and voting right (unlike Camille). He also said that his character perpetually afraid of being left by Camille and he likes the fact that he raise the money. He is regularly disturbed by the many men in love with Camille, with the age of the latter, but it does not seem to be concerned and not want anyone but her Doudou, as she calls it.

Camille, thirties yoga teacher, tries to be positive all the time. She had lots of adventures with people of her age but she is too superficial (the) s. She says love all people, and have had great achievements, including women, as we learn from an episode where she talks about her ex, Dorothy. She has a strange logic it is the only understand.



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