Sayed Meshaal

Sayed Meshaal (born 1942) is a former Egyptian politician. He was minister of military production from 1999 to 2011.


Sayed Meshaal graduated with a B.Sc. in chemistry from Cairo University.[1] In 2000 he was elected a National Democratic Party MP, and remained an MP for almost a decade.

He was minister for military production throughout the 2004-2011 Nazif Cabinet. In 2010 Mostafa Bakry, running against Meshaal to represent Helwan Governorate, accused Meshaal of buying votes.[2]

Despite his association with the Mubarak regime, Meshaal managed to keep his position in Essam Sharaf's cabinet after the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.[1]

In November 2012 the Administrative Supervisory Authority announced Meshaal was under investigation for corruption.[3]


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