Saturday Superstore

Saturday Superstore
Starring Mike Read
Sarah Greene (series 2-5)
Keith Chegwin
John Craven
Phillip Hodson
Maggie Philbin (series 1)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 142
Running time 2hrs 45mins, later 3hrs 15mins
Original network BBC1
Picture format 4:3
Original release 2 October 1982 – 18 April 1987

Saturday Superstore was a children's television series, broadcast on BBC1 from 1982 until 1987. It was shown on Saturday mornings with presenters including Mike Read, Sarah Greene, Keith Chegwin and John Craven.[1] The show was very similar to its predecessor Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, which had ended the previous October–March season following its presenter Noel Edmonds moving away from children's TV to present his prime time Late Late Breakfast Show.

A regular spot on the show was their children's talent show "Search for a Superstar". The winner of the 1986 search were Claire and Friends spawning the top twenty hit "It's 'orrible being in love (when you're eight and a half)". In 1987, the contest was won by Juvenile Jazz, which included future OMD and occasional Stone Roses keyboard player, Nigel Ipinson.

For much of its run, Saturday Superstore retained the same famous phone-in number 01-811-8055, as its predecessor.

Amongst its most memorable moments were the pop group Matt Bianco being verbally abused by a phone-in caller[2] and The Flying Pickets offering as a competition prize a tea-towel bearing the face of Karl Marx. Other notable guests included Wham!, who answered questions about their lives to callers and read out competition answers and winners.

The presenters released a single entitled "Two Left Feet", though it failed to chart. The theme tune, entitled "Down At The Superstore", was also released by The Assistants, consisting of Dave Edmunds, B. A. Robertson, Cheryl Baker, Junior and Suzi Quatro.

Then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher appeared in one show in 1987 leading up to that year's election campaign, making the newspaper headlines when she was repeatedly asked by a girl "where will you be if nuclear war breaks out?".

According to Kaleidoscope's 'Lost Shows' website, there are 10 missing and 11 incomplete shows out of a total of 142. All these are from the first two series, with the last show not existing in full being that of 24 March 1984.


Mike Smith stood in for Mike Read for one show in 1983, broadcast from the Play School studio during a strike.

The team were regularly joined by a large puppet called Crow, with his much smaller nephew Malcolm appearing in later series.

In later series agony uncle Phillip Hodson joined the team.

It Started With Swap Shop

Saturday Superstore had its own section of the BBC's It Started With Swap Shop in 2006. It featured Keith Chegwin chatting to Mike Read and Crow. Mike Read, John Craven and Keith Chegwin took part in the 'Now That's What I Call Saturday Mornings Quiz' for the Saturday Superstore part of the show and a selection of clips from the show were shown.

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