Satsukiyama Zoo

Satsukiyama Zoo
Date opened April 1957
Location 5-33, 2-chome, Ayaha, Ikeda, Osaka, Japan
Coordinates 34°49′49″N 135°25′31″E / 34.8304°N 135.4254°E / 34.8304; 135.4254Coordinates: 34°49′49″N 135°25′31″E / 34.8304°N 135.4254°E / 34.8304; 135.4254
Memberships JAZA [1]
Website (Japanese)

Satsukiyama Zoo (五月山動物園) is located at Satsukiyama Park, at the base of Mount Satsuki in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan, opened in April, 1957. The zoo is the municipal zoo of Ikeda.

The zoo is the 2nd smallest zoo (3000 m²) in all zoos belonging to Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA).


In 1992, the zoo accomplished the first breeding of wombat out of Australia.[2]

Idol group

Keeper Girls is a female idol music group created in August 2015. The group belongs to the zoo.[3]



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