For the village in Serbia, see Sarča. For the villages in Romania, see Sârca.
The Sarca River
The source of the Sarca River, high in the Adamello-Presanella Alps

The Sarca is a river springing from the Adamello-Presanella mountains in the Italian Alps and flowing into Lake Garda in Northern Italy. As an emissary of the lake it becomes known as the Mincio.

The river is shallow and fast flowing, passing through the Val di Genova, forming a number of waterfalls, of which Cascina Muta and Saft dei Can are the best known. Before reaching Val Rendena, part of its water is diverted to a hydroelectric powerstation. Then its flow becomes less and less tumultuous. The main places on the river include Carisolo, Pinzolo, Tione di Trento, Le Sarche, Ponte Arche and Ragoli.

Coordinates: 45°52′N 10°52′E / 45.867°N 10.867°E / 45.867; 10.867

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