Sarah Ann Glover

Sarah Ann Glover

Sarah Ann Glover (13 November 1785 – 20 October 1867) was an English music educator who invented the Norwich sol-fa system.

Life and career

Glover was born in The Close, Norwich. Her father became Curate of St Laurence's Church, Norwich in 1811, and she developed her learning system to aid teachers with a cappella singing. Her instructional book Scheme for Rendering Psalmody Congregational met with great success.[1][2] It was later refined and developed by John Curwen and others over the years.[3][4] The concept became well known in popular culture after it was featured in a song from The Sound of Music.

Glover later lived in Cromer, then Reading, then Hereford. She died of a stroke in Great Malvern and was buried there.


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