Sapporo Streetcar

Type 8520 tramcar
The unique "Sasara Tram" snow clearer which uses rotating bamboo brushes to clear tracks in winter, January 2009

The Sapporo Streetcar (札幌市電 Sapporo shiden) is a tram network located in Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan. It is operated by the Sapporo City Transportation Bureau. The system is sometimes referred to by residents as simply the "shiden" (市電). The first section of the network opened in 1909 as the "Sapporo Stone Horsecar Railway" (札幌石材馬車鉄道 Sapporo sekizai basha tetsudō); it was electrified in 1918. The Transportation Bureau took over the network in 1927.

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At its peak in 1958, the network was 25 kilometers in length with 11 lines and 7 routes. However, the network shrank due to increased automobile ownership and the opening of the Sapporo Municipal Subway.

After the closures in the 1970s, three lines remained. They were collectively called the Ichijō-Yamahana Streetcar Line (一条・山鼻軌道線 Ichijō-yamahana-kidōsen) or simply the Streetcar Line (軌道線 kidōsen), since the lines covered an incomplete city center route.

The lines were combinated into a single route following the opening of the link between Susukino and Nishi-Yon-Chōme in December 2015.

Almost all trams used to traverse the entire network from Nishi-Yon-Chōme to Susukino. Other sectional services include:

Trams run at a frequency of 7 to 8 minutes during the day and 3 minutes during weekend peak periods between Nishi-Yon-Chōme and Nishisen-Jūroku-Jō stations.

The fare is ¥170. Like the subway, the tram accepts the With You Card, a prepaid magnetic card. Beginning in June, 2013, the tram will also accept Kitaca electronic IC cards used on JR Hokkaido trains.


Station Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
Line Total
Nishi-Yon-Chōme 西4丁目 0 0 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Namboku Line (N07), Tōhō Line (H08), Tōzai Line (T09) (Ōdōri) Minami 1-jō, Nishi 4-chōme
Nishi-Hatchōme 西8丁目 0.501 0.501   Minami 1-jō, Nishi 8-chōme
Chūō-Kuyakusho-Mae 中央区役所前 0.901 0.901 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Tōzai Line (Nishi-Jūitchōme, T08) Minami 1-jō, Nishi 10-chōme
Nishi-Jūgo-Chōme 西15丁目 1.436 1.436 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Tōzai Line (Nishi-Jūhatchōme, T07) Minami 1-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Nishisen-Roku-Jō 西線6条 0.564 2.000   Minami 6-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Nishisen-Ku-Jō Asahiyama-Kōen-Dōri 西線9条旭山公園通 0.938 2.374   Minami 9-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Nishisen-Jūichi-Jō 西線11条 1.308 2.744   Minami 11-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Nishisen-Jūyo-Jō 西線14条 1.790 3.226   Minami 14-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Nishisen-Jūroku-Jō 西線16条 2.164 3.600   Minami 16-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Ropeway-Iriguchi ロープウェイ入口 2.537 3.973   Minami 19-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Densha-Jigyōsho-Mae 電車事業所前 2.873 4.309   Minami 21-jō, Nishi 14-chōme
Chūō-Toshokan-Mae 中央図書館前 3.154 4.590   Minami 22-jō, Nishi 13-chōme
Ishiyama-Dōri 石山通 0.331 4.921   Minami 22-jō, Nishi 11-chōme
Higashi-Tonden-Dōri 東屯田通 0.611 5.202   Minami 22-jō, Nishi 9-chōme
Kōnan-Shōgakkō-Mae 幌南小学校前 1.023 5.613   Minami 22-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Yamahana-Jūku-Jō 山鼻19条 1.281 5.871   Minami 19-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Seishūgakuen-Mae 静修学園前 1.697 6.287 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Namboku Line (Horohira-Bashi, N10) Minami 16-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Gyōkei-Dōri 行啓通 2.028 6.618   Minami 14-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Nakajima-Kōen-Dōri 中島公園通 2.505 7.095   Minami 11-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Yamahana-Ku-Jō 山鼻9条 2.848 7.438 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Namboku Line (Nakajima-Kōen, N09) Minami 9-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Higashi-Honganji-Mae 東本願寺前 3.161 7.751   Minami 7-jō, Nishi 7-chōme
Shiseikan-Shōgakkō-Mae 資生館小学校前 3.592 8.182   Minami 4-jō, Nishi 6-chōme
Susukino すすきの 3.866 8.456 Sapporo Municipal Subway: Namboku Line (Susukino, N08), Tōhō Line (Hōsui-Susukino, H09) Minami 4-jō, Nishi 4-chōme
Tanuki Koji 狸小路 0.247 8.703   Minami 3-jō, Nishi 4-chōme (anti-clockwise) Minami 2-jō, Nishi 3-chōme (clockwise)
Nishi Yon-Chome 西4丁目 0.449 8.905 Loop:see top of table Loop:see top of table

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