Sanyo Electric Railway Main Line

Sanyo Electric Railway Main Line

Sumaura-koen Station, looking east
Native name 山陽電気鉄道本線
Type Commuter rail
Locale Hyogo Prefecture
Termini Nishidai
Sanyo Himeji
Stations 43
Owner Sanyo Electric Railway
Line length 54.7 km (34.0 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Minimum radius 160 m
Electrification 1,500 V DC, overhead catenary
Operating speed 110 km/h (70 mph)[1]
Route map

Sanyo Main Line (JR Kobe Line) Right arrow
Left arrowDaikai
Dentetsu HyōgoUntil 1968
Down arrowSanyo Main (JR Kobe) Line
Daikai-dōriUntil 1952
NagataUntil 1968
Left arrowKōsoku Nagata
Up arrowKobe Kosoku Line
0.0 Nishidai
Nishidai depot
Left arrowKobe Municipal Subway: Seishin-Yamate LineRight arrow
1.0 Itayado
1.8 Higashi-Suma
Higashi-Suma depot
2.6 Tsukimiyama
3.3 Sumadera
Up arrowSanyo Main Line
3.7 Sanyo SumaRight arrowSuma
IchinotaniUntil 1946
AtsumorizukaUntil 1948
5.1 Sumaura-kōen
Left arrowSumaura Ropeway
Higashi-ShioyaUntil 1932
6.8 Sanyo ShioyaRight arrowShioya
7.8 Takinochaya
8.6 Higashi-Tarumi
9.6 Sanyo TarumiRight arrowTarumi
GoshikiyamaUntil 1951
10.7 Kasumigaoka
UtashikiyamaUntil 1964
11.5 Maiko-kōenRight arrowMaiko
12.4 Nishi-Maiko
14.3 Ōkuradani
Akashi KōjomaeUntil 1948
14.9 Hitomarumae
YūenchimaeUntil 1946
15.7 Sanyo AkashiLeft arrowAkashi
AkashiUntil 1939
Left arrowSanyo Main Line
16.9 Nishi-Shimmachi
18.4 Hayashisaki-Matsuekaigan
20.4 Fujie
21.8 Nakayagi
23.5 Eigashima
24.9 Nishi-Eigashima
25.6 Sanyo Uozumi
27.3 Higashi-Futami
Higashi-Futami depot
28.6 Nishi-Futami
29.9 Harimachō
Left arrowBefu Railway: Noguchi LineRight arrow
32.2 BefuRight arrowBefuguchi
34.1 Hamanomiya
Left arrowJNR: Takasago LineDown arrow
35.5 Onoenomatsu
Kako River
37.3 TakasagoRight arrowTakasago-kitaguchi
Up arrowJNR: Takasago LineRight arrow
38.5 Arai
39.7 Iho
41.3 Sanyo Sone
42.8 Ōshio
44.2 Matogata
46.2 Yaka
47.6 Shirahamanomiya
49.0 Mega
r)Down arrowBantan Line "Shikamakō Line"
50.9 ShikamaRight arrowShikama (JNR)
Aboshi LineRight arrow
Shikama depot
52.3 KameyamaRight arrowKameyama (JNR)

53.4 TegaraRight arrowTegarayama
Left arrowSanyo ShinkansenRight arrow


Left arrowSanyo Main LineRight arrow

JR-W: Left arrowBantan Line/Kishin LineRight arrow
Right arrowDashōgun
Left arrowHimeji City MonorailUp arrow
54.7 Sanyo Himeji

The Sanyo Electric Railway Main Line (山陽電気鉄道本線 Sanyō Denki Tetsudō Honsen) is a railway line in Japan operated by the private railway operator Sanyo Electric Railway. It stretches from Kobe west to Himeji via Akashi, Kakogawa and other municipalities in Hyōgo Prefecture. The line runs parallel to West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Sanyo Main Line, with closest sections between Sanyo Suma and Sanyo Akashi stations, and competes with the JR line for its entire stretch.


Nishidai is nominal as the start of the line, thus all trains of Sanyo start or end beyond, in Kobe Rapid Railway, or further Hanshin stations, namely Sannomiya stations on Hankyū's Kobe Main Line and on Hanshin's Main Line for Locals, Umeda terminal of Hanshin in Osaka.

The line accepts trains of Hanshin via Kobe Rapid, down (west) to Sumaura-kōen. In the Sanyo Main Line, all Hanshin trains stop all stations on their way, though in Hanshin's Main Line some are operated as Locals and some as Limited Express.

Rapid service

Abbreviations are tentative for this article.

All day operation:

Hanshin-Sanyō Limited Express (直通特急 Chokutsū Tokkyū) (HS)
Umeda of Hanshin - Sanyo Himeji. Jointly operated by Hanshin Electric Railway and Sanyo, this train makes limited stops on both the Hanshin's Main Line and the Sanyo's Main Line.
Local (普通 Futsū) (Lo)
Hankyu Sannomiya or Hanshin Sannomiya or Sanyo Suma - Sanyo Himeji, makes every stop on the Sanyo Railway Main Line and the Kobe Kosoku Line. At night, down (westbound) trains start at Kōsoku Kobe and up (eastbound) trains terminate at Shinkaichi.
Hanshin trains (HT)
Hanshin's Limited Express trains from Umeda stop at all stations in the line to Sumaura-kōen.

Morning and night only:

Sanyo Limited Express (山陽特急 Sanyōtokkyū) (sy)
Mainly operated between Higashi-Futami and Sanyo Himeji, there is a westbound train from Kosoku Kobe for Sanyo Himeji in the early morning. The same stops as the Hanshin-Sanyo Limited Express (HS) but does not go east beyond Kosoku kobe.
S Limited Express (S特急 S Tokkyū) (sl)
Hanshin Sannomiya - Sanyo Himeji, more stops than HS, sy. Operates up (eastbound) in the mornings from Shikama, Takasago or Higashi-Futami to Sanyo Suma or Hanshin Sannomiya, and down (westbound) late nights from Sannomiya to Sanyo Himeji.


Abbreviations of rapid service trains, see above section. Lower cases show limited hour/service.

No. Station Distance (km) Services Connection Location
SY 01
HS 39
Nishidai 0.0 Lo HT sl    hs
  • Hanshin Kobe Kosoku Line (through operation)
Nagata-ku, Kōbe Hyōgo Prefecture
SY 02 Itayado 1.0 Lo HT sl    HS
  • Kobe Municipal Subway Seishin-Yamate Line
Suma-ku, Kōbe
SY 03 Higashi-Suma 1.8 Lo HT         
SY 04 Tsukimiyama 2.6 Lo HT sl    HS
SY 05 Sumadera 3.3 Lo HT         
SY 06 Sanyo Suma 3.7 Lo HT sl    HS
  • Sanyo Main Line (Suma)
SY 07 Sumaura-kōen 5.1 Lo HT         
SY 08 Sanyo Shioya 6.8 Lo             Tarumi-ku, Kōbe
SY 09 Takinochaya 7.8 Lo    sl    hs
SY 10 Higashi-Tarumi 8.6 Lo            
SY 11 Sanyo Tarumi 9.6 Lo    sl    HS
SY 12 Kasumigaoka 10.7 Lo    sl      
SY 13 Maiko-kōen 11.5 Lo          HS
SY 14 Nishi-Maiko 12.4 Lo            
SY 15 Ōkuradani 14.3 Lo             Akashi
SY 16 Hitomarumae 14.9 Lo            
SY 17 Sanyo Akashi 15.7 Lo    sl    HS
  • Sanyo Main Line (JR Kobe Line) (Akashi)
SY 18 Nishi-Shimmachi 16.9 Lo            
SY 19 Hayashisaki-Matsuekaigan 18.4 Lo            
SY 20 Fujie 20.4 Lo    sl      
SY 21 Nakayagi 21.8 Lo            
SY 22 Eigashima 23.5 Lo            
SY 23 Nishi-Eigashima 24.9 Lo            
SY 24 Sanyo Uozumi 25.6 Lo            
SY 25 Higashi-Futami 27.3 Lo    sl sy HS
SY 26 Nishi-Futami 28.6 Lo    sl      
SY 27 Harimachō 29.9 Lo    sl       Harima, Kako District
SY 28 Befu 32.2 Lo    sl       Kakogawa
SY 29 Hamanomiya 34.1 Lo    sl      
SY 30 Onoenomatsu 35.5 Lo    sl      
SY 31 Takasago 37.3 Lo    sl sy HS Takasago
SY 32 Arai 38.5 Lo    sl    hs
SY 33 Iho 39.7 Lo    sl      
SY 34 Sanyo Sone 41.3 Lo    sl      
SY 35 Ōshio 42.8 Lo    sl sy HS Himeji
SY 36 Matogata 44.2 Lo    sl      
SY 37 Yaka 46.2 Lo    sl        
SY 38 Shirahamanomiya 47.6 Lo    sl    hs
SY 39 Mega 49.0 Lo    sl      
SY 40 Shikama 50.9 Lo    sl sy HS
SY 41 Kameyama 52.3 Lo    sl      
SY 42 Tegara 53.4 Lo    sl        
SY 43 Sanyo Himeji 54.7 Lo    sl sy HS


The Hyogo Electric Tramway (兵庫電気軌道) opened the section from the Hyogo Electric Railway Station (since closed) to Sanyo Suma on 15 March 1910 as 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge, dual track electrified at 600 V DC. All subsequent extensions were electrified dual track. The line was extended to Akashi in 1917.[1]

In 1923, the Kobe Electric Railway opened the Akashi to Himeji section, and merged with the Hyogo Electric Railway in 1927. The Sanyo Electric Railway was created in 1934.

The line voltage was increased to 1,500 V DC in 1948. In 1968, the Higashi Suma to Hyogo Electric Railway Station section was closed and the line was connected to the Hanshin Main Line, enabling through services to Umeda in Osaka.

Station numbering was introduced on Sanyo Electric Railway lines from 1 April 2014, with Main Line stations numbered SY01 to SY43.[2]


On 12 February 2013, at around 15:50, a non-stop 6-car limited express service bound for Umeda collided with the rear end of a truck which was protruding onto a level crossing to the west of Arai Station. The first two cars of the train derailed and slid 170 m before hitting the edge of the station platform and coming to rest. 15 people were injured in the collision, including the train driver and truck driver.[3][4]


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