Santa Margarida Volcano

Santa Margarida Volcano

Aerial view of the Santa Margarida Volcano
Highest point
Elevation 682 m (2,238 ft)
Coordinates 42°8′29″N 2°32′30″E / 42.14139°N 2.54167°E / 42.14139; 2.54167Coordinates: 42°8′29″N 2°32′30″E / 42.14139°N 2.54167°E / 42.14139; 2.54167
Santa Margarida Volcano

Location in Catalonia

Location Santa Pau, Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain
Volcanic arc/belt Garrotxa Volcanic Zone

The Santa Margarida Volcano (Catalan: Volcà de Santa Margarida) is a volcano in the comarca of Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain. The volcano has a perimeter of 2 kilometers and a height of 682 meters and is part of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. The hermitage of Santa Margarida, after which the volcano was named, is inside the crater of the volcano. The building was destroyed in 1428 during the 1428 Catalonia earthquake and rebuilt in 1865.[1]


A study published in 2011 at the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research indicated that the Santa Margarida and Croscat volcanoes were the product of the same eruption event 11500 years ago, alternating freatomagmatic activity, between water and magma, and magmatic activity.[2][3]

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