Sandlings Walk

The Sandlings Walk is a long-distance path in Suffolk, England. It runs through an area of lowland heath, Britain's rarest wildlife habitat, and the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Starting on the outskirts of Ipswich (trailheads at 52°03′43″N 1°12′19″E / 52.0620°N 1.2053°E / 52.0620; 1.2053 (Sandlings Walk (Ipswich trailhead)), 52°03′17″N 1°12′08″E / 52.0548°N 1.2022°E / 52.0548; 1.2022 (Sandlings Walk (Ipswich trailhead)), and 52°02′31″N 1°11′55″E / 52.0420°N 1.1985°E / 52.0420; 1.1985 (Sandlings Walk (Ipswich trailhead))), the route passes through Rushmere Common, Sutton Heath, Rendlesham Forest, Butley Corner, Tunstall Forest, Friston, North Warren, Thorpeness, Sizewell, Minsmere, Dunwich Heath, Dunwich Forest, the Suffolk Coast National Nature Reserve and Southwold (trailhead at 52°19′23″N 1°40′38″E / 52.3231°N 1.6772°E / 52.3231; 1.6772 (Sandlings Walk (Southwold trailhead))).[1]

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Coordinates: 52°10′30″N 1°30′42″E / 52.1751°N 1.5117°E / 52.1751; 1.5117 (Sandlings Walk)

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