Sandhya Vandanam (film)

Sandhya Vandanam
Directed by J. Sasikumar
Produced by VP Dileep
Written by P Ayyaneth
Screenplay by P Ayyaneth
Starring Lakshmi
MG Soman
Adoor Bhasi
Music by LPR Varma
Cinematography NA Thara
Edited by VP Krishnan
Sariga Films
Distributed by Sariga Films
Release dates
  • 23 September 1983 (1983-09-23)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Sandhya Vandanam is a 1983 Indian Malayalam film, directed by J. Sasikumar and produced by VP Dileep. The film stars Lakshmi, Sukumaran, MG Soman and Adoor Bhasi in lead roles. The film had musical score by LPR Varma.[1][2][3]


Soudamini(Lakshmi) and Sarada are daughters of feudal lord Kuruppu (Adoor Bhasi) in the village. Soudamini is in love with Sasi (MG Soman), son of their caretaker. Kuruppu comes to know about their relation and forbids his daughter from meeting Sasi. He also arranges Soudamini's wedding with Ramachandran (Sukumaran), an engineer. Soudamini decides to elope with Sasi, however, her sister Sarada convinces Soudamini not to go for the sake of their family. Soudamini and Ramachandran gets married, while a disheartened Sasi watches in pain. Sarada also gets married to a farmer Madhavan kutty

Soudamini moves in with Ramachandran and starts a happy married life. Sasi finds job as a teacher and move to the same town. Kuruppu falls ill and passes away soon after the weddings. During the funeral, caretaker Pillai(Manavalan Joseph) informs Ramachandran about the old relationship between Soudamini and Sasi. An upset Ramachandran confronts Soudamini. After an initial fight, the couple makes up.

Ramachandran's younger brother Venu happens to be studying in the same school where Sasi is working. Sasi is appointed as a home tutor for Venu. Soudamini and Sasi meets each other again. Ramachandran finds Sasi and Soudamini talking alone and misreads the situation. Ramachandran takes a pregnant Soudamini backs to her home and leaves her there. Soudamini is forced to leave her home in the night as her brother-in-law Madhavan Kutty does not want her there. Soudamini tries to ends her life jumping in to water, where Sasi finds her and give her solace.



The music was composed by LPR Varma and lyrics was written by Vayalar Ramavarma.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 Neelambari P Susheela Vayalar Ramavarma
2 Sandhyaa Vandanam K. J. Yesudas Vayalar Ramavarma
3 Swarna choodamani chaarthi K. J. Yesudas Vayalar Ramavarma
4 Thenilanji S Janaki Vayalar Ramavarma


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