San Antonio La Paz

San Antonio La Paz
San Antonio La Paz

Location in Guatemala

Coordinates: 14°45′33″N 90°17′12″W / 14.75917°N 90.28667°W / 14.75917; -90.28667
Country Guatemala
Department El Progreso
  Mayor Nubere López
Climate Aw

San Antonio La Paz (Spanish pronunciation: [san anˈtonjo la pas]) is a municipality in the El Progreso department of Guatemala. It is situated at 1240 m above sea level. It covers a terrain of 209 km². San Antonio has improved in the past couple of years. San Antonio has two pharmacies and many doctors. Each house in San Antonio has a little of room that is sort of a forest of a little plantation for growing corn, coffee, beans, and other plants. There are trees all over San Antonio of all kind of fruit, apples, bananas, jocotes, oranges, lemons, limes, and other fruit.

Coordinates: 14°45′N 90°17′W / 14.750°N 90.283°W / 14.750; -90.283

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