Salyan, Azerbaijan


Coordinates: 39°35′42″N 48°58′45″E / 39.59500°N 48.97917°E / 39.59500; 48.97917Coordinates: 39°35′42″N 48°58′45″E / 39.59500°N 48.97917°E / 39.59500; 48.97917
Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan
Rayon Salyan
Population (2008)
  Total 36,100
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
  Summer (DST) AZT (UTC+5)

Salyan (Azerbaijani: Salyan), is a city in and the seat of the Salyan Rayon of Azerbaijan.[1] The city of Salyan is industrialized and known for processing caviar.[2][3]


The city has been a continuous settlement of sal tribe, after whom the city named and occupied by Kura river.[4] Salyan was part of Quba Khanate during 1680 to 1782 and ruled by various khans.[5]

Throughout its history, Salyan has suffered from floods because of its proximity to the river and the relatively low elevation of most of the town.[6]

Administrative divisions

The municipality of Salyan consists of the city of Salyan. The mayor, presently Tahir Karimov, embodies the executive power of the city.[7]

List of City's mayors

Salyan Khanate

Azerbaijani SSR

Azerbaijan Republic



Salyan was home to former football teams Plastik Salyan and Mughan. Mughan through its history played in the Azerbaijan Premier League.[9]


Public transport

Salyan has a large urban transport system, mostly managed by the Ministry of Transportation.

Notable residents

Some of the city's many prestigious residents include: philosopher Ali bey Huseynzade, mathematician Vagif Guliyev, lieutenant general Rail Rzayev, poet Khalil Rza Uluturk and footballer Samadagha Shikhlarov.


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