Sally Forth (Wally Wood comic strip)

This article is about the comic strip created by Wally Wood. For the later comic strip created by Greg Howard, see Sally Forth (Greg Howard comic strip).
Sally Forth

Sally Forth, from a French trade paperback collection.
Art by Wally Wood.
Publication information
Publisher Armed Forces Diamond Sales
The Overseas Weekly
First appearance Military News (June 1968)
Created by Wally Wood
Partnerships Lt Q.P. Dahl, Kicky McCann, Wild Bill Yonder, Hairy James, Snorky
Sally Forth (Wally Wood comic strip)
Creative team
Writer(s) Wally Wood
Artist(s) Wally Wood, Nick Cuti, Paul Kirchner, Larry Hama
Editor(s) Bill Pearson
Collected editions
The Compleat Sally Forth ISBN 1-56097-291-2

Sally Forth was an American comic strip created by Wally Wood for a military male readership.

Wood's sexy action-adventure character, who is often depicted nude, began as a recruit in a commando unit. She first appeared during June 1968, in Military News, a 16-page tabloid from Armed Forces Diamond Sales. The title is a play on words — "to sally forth" means to leave or attack from a military encampment.

In 1976, Wood recalled:

It all started in 1968, when I was asked to do a complete comic section for a proposed tabloid newspaper for servicemen, four pages of full-color, service-oriented humor strips... There was a high-flying lowlife named 'Wild Bill Yonder,' a couple of others that for some reason escape my memory... (such an embarrassment) and one that I felt, and still feel, had a great name for a comic heroine... Sally Forth.

Sally returned July 26, 1971, in the Overseas Weekly, a tabloid intended for U.S. military men serving outside North America. With Wood getting an assist from writer-artists Nick Cuti, Paul Kirchner and Larry Hama, Sally Forth continued in the Overseas Weekly until April 22, 1974. The Sally Forth comics were translated into Dutch during the late 1970s. The character was named Doortje Stoot and it appeared in the male-oriented magazine Gummi.

Wood collected the strip in a series of four oversize (10"x12") magazines. In 1993-95, writer-editor Bill Pearson, Wood's friend and an associate of the Wood Studio, reformatted the strips into a series of comics published by Eros Comix, an imprint of Fantagraphics Books. During 1998, Pearson edited the entire run into a single 160-page volume also published by Fantagraphics.

Near the end of his life, two pornographic Sally Forth stories featuring Sally and Bill Yonder were created and published by Wood in the adult comic book series Gang Bang #1 in 1980 and #2 in 1981.


Sally in one of her more "popular uniforms".

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