Salisbury Island (Russia)

Location of Salisbury Island in the Franz Josef Archipelago.

Salisbury Island, (Russian: Остров Солсбери; Ostrov Solsberi) is an island located in the central area of Franz Josef Land, Russia.

Salisbury Island is relatively large and long, having a surface of 960 km². Its highest point is 482 m and practically the entire surface of the island is glacierized.

Salisbury Island is part of the Zichy Land subgroup of the Franz Josef Archipelago. It has very little open sea around it, being wedged between Luigi Island and Champ Island on its southwestern shores, Ziegler Island in the northeast and Wiener Neustadt Island in the east.

This island was named after geology Professor Rollin D. Salisbury (1858-1922), of the University of Chicago. Salisbury was second-in-command on the Peary relief expedition.

Salisbury Island in the Franz Josef Archipelago should not be confused with Salisbury Island, in Canada.

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Coordinates: 80°55′N 56°08′E / 80.917°N 56.133°E / 80.917; 56.133

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