Salih Güney

Salih Güney (born January 1, 1945) is a Turkish film actor.


Salih Güney was born in Adana in 1945. His father was a Circassian.[1] Güney graduated in theatre from the republican conservatory of Ankara. He made his film debut in Haldun Dormen's "Bozuk Düzen". He has gone on to act in over 150 films and series.

He started acting professionally on stage and in movies when he was only 19 years old. He is considered the 'James Dean' of Turkey, a rebellious and attractive star of the Turkish movies. In 1969, at age 25, he stopped acting on stage, not because he wanted to, but because the producers said that with all his work on the stage, he would not get a great part in movies.

In that same year, he starred in the 1970 Columbia Pictures movie, "You Can't Win 'Em All" with Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson and Michèle Mercier. After this production he went to Sweden and England to develop his skills behind the camera. He moved to the United States and became an US citizen.

He now lives in Europe and still appears on TV regularly. Besides acting, he avidly pursues his hobby of archeology. He strongly supports the idea that archeological artifacts from Turkey stay in Turkey and fought for bringing back the stolen sculpture of Heracles, which appeared in a private collection in the USA.

He has two daughters.



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