Aaron of Aleth

For Saint Aaron of Caerleon, see Julius and Aaron.
Saint Aaron of Aleth

Saint Aaron (detail) from Procession des saints de Bretagne by Alphonse Le Hénaff
Hermit and Abbot
Born unknown
the British Isles, exact location unknown, perhaps Wales[1]

after 552[2]

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Saint-Malo, Brittany, France
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church,
Eastern Orthodox Church

Saint Aaron of Aleth (died after 552), also called Saint Aihran in Breton, was a sixth-century hermit, monk and abbot at a monastery on Cézembre, a small island near Aleth, opposite Saint-Malo in Brittany, France. Some sources say that he was born of British stock in Armorican Domnonia.

Aaron was a Welshman who lived in solitude near Lamballe and Pleumeur-Gautier, before finally settling in Aleth. He attracted numerous visitors while there, including Saint Malo, it is said, in 544, and became their abbot. He died soon afterwards. Saint Malo then succeeded to the spiritual rule of the district subsequently known as Saint-Malo, and was consecrated first Bishop of Aleth. Aaron's feast day is 21 June. He is mentioned in Les Vies des Saints de Bretagne.[3]

Aaron is believed to have died in the town of Saint-Aaron in Lamballe, France.

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