Sabatier Aîné & Perrier

Sabatier Aîné & Perrier is said to be the oldest Sabatier knife maker still in existence and operated by descendants of the original family located in Thiers, France. This prestigious brand has been part of the heritage of Thiers, the French cutlery trade capital, for more than 150 years.


In the early-19th century, two prominent families began the reputation of Sabatier knives: the Sabatier's of Le Moutier (lower town of Thiers) and the Sabatier's of Bellevue (upper town of Thiers). The Sabatier of Le Moutier company survived in many incarnations until the brand was finally bought out by Cuisinox in 1979.

The only surviving family is Sabatier of Bellevue, which is still at the same address and still owned by the descendants of the original founder, Philippe Sabatier. It continues to make high-end kitchen knives, as eight generations have done, under the corporate name ETS SABATIER AINE & PERRIER. The firm has been at the same address Bellevue, Thiers, France since it was formed and produces fully forged kitchen knives.

Sabatier K

In 1834, the Sabatier's of Bellevue added the initial "K" to their name to set themselves apart from the Sabatier's of Le Moutier. This "K" is an old maker's mark in Thiers and can be found in the town archives, engraved on the Silver Tablet of Cutlers, dated 7 June 1813 under number 231.


Sabatier's of Bellevue: Eight generations of one family:

  1. Philippe Sabatier manufacture knives in Bellevue, Thiers.
  2. His son, Bonnet Sabatier, managed the firm and sold in the world his production.
  3. Gabriel Sabatier, Bonnet's son, created SABATIER FRERES.
  4. Antoinette Sabatier, Gabriel's daughter, managed the firm with her husband, Annet Perrier.
  5. Adrien Perrier, Perrier Family's son, managed the firm.
  6. Marie-Antoinette Perrier, Adrien's daughter, managed the firm with her husband, Roger Bourgade.
  7. Agnès Bourgade, Bourgade's daughter, manages at Sabatier Aîné & Perrier. Her husband is manufacturing manager.
  8. Philippe Bournilhas, Agnès' son, is the export manager.

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