SS Izaro

Name: SS Izaro
Fate: Wrecked 20 May 1907
General characteristics

SS Izaro was a Spanish steamship that was wrecked in 1907.[1]


Izaro was on her way to Maryport, Cumbria, England, with a cargo of iron ore when she ran aground on Tomlin Rocks at St Bees, Cumbria, on 20 May 1907. The crew scrambled to safety, but the ship was stuck fast, with bow and stern on the rocks, but her midships unsupported. The weight of her cargo caused her to split in two. The cargo was salvaged, but the ship was a total loss. As much of the ship′s ironwork as possible was salvaged, and the remainder was dragged out to sea. The remains of her boilers and keel can still be seen.[1]


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