SI electromagnetism units

Symbol[1] Name of Quantity Derived Units Unit Base Units
I Electric current ampere (SI base unit) A A (= W/V = C/s)
Q Electric charge coulomb C A·s
U, ΔV, Δφ; E Potential difference; Electromotive force volt V J/C = kg·m2·s3·A1
R; Z; X Electric resistance; Impedance; Reactance ohm Ω V/A = kg·m2·s3·A2
ρ Resistivity ohm metre Ω·m kg·m3·s3·A2
P Electric power watt W V·A = kg·m2·s3
C Capacitance farad F C/V = kg1·m2·A2·s4
ΦE Electric flux volt metre V·m kg·m3·s3·A1
E Electric field strength volt per metre V/m N/C = kg·m·A1·s3
D Electric displacement field coulomb per square metre C/m2 A·s·m2
ε Permittivity farad per metre F/m kg1·m3·A2·s4
χe Electric susceptibility (dimensionless) - -
G; Y; B Conductance; Admittance; Susceptance siemens S Ω1 = kg1·m2·s3·A2
κ, γ, σ Conductivity siemens per metre S/m kg1·m3·s3·A2
B Magnetic flux density, Magnetic induction tesla T Wb/m2 = kg·s2·A1 = N·A1·m1
Φ, ΦM, ΦB Magnetic flux weber Wb V·s = kg·m2·s2·A1
H Magnetic field strength ampere per metre A/m A·m1
L, M Inductance henry H Wb/A = V·s/A = kg·m2·s2·A2
μ Permeability henry per metre H/m kg·m·s2·A2
χ Magnetic susceptibility (dimensionless) - -

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