S. M. Sriramulu Naidu

Subbarayalu Naidu Munuswami Naidu Sriramulu Naidu (1910-1976), also known as Sreeramulu Naidu, was an Indian businessman and movie producer from Coimbatore who founded the Pakshiraja Studios in 1945. He was responsible for the early development of the Tamil film industry in Coimbatore and was called the "Coimbatore movie mogul". In 1944, he was implicated as one of the accused in the Lakshmikanthan Murder Case and served his sentence till 1945 when he was discharged due to lack of evidence.

Early life

Sriramulu Naidu was born in Tiruchi in the year 1910. His father Munuswami Naidu was as a station master in the South Indian Railway Limited.

On retirement, Munuswami Naidu opened a bakery by name Davey & Co which Sriramulu Naidu inherited after his death. Soon, however, Naidu got interested in films and opened the Pakshiraja Studios in Coimbatore.


National Film Awards

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