S.S.D. Jesina Calcio

Full name Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Jesina Calcio
Nickname(s) Leoncelli (little lions)
Founded 1927
Ground Stadio Pacifico Carotti,
Jesi, Italy
Ground Capacity 5,000
Chairman Marco Polita
Manager Daniele Amaolo[1]
League Serie D/F
2012–13 Serie D/F, 9th

Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Jesina Calcio is an Italian association football club located in Jesi, Marche. It currently plays in Serie D.



Unione Sportiva Jesina was born in March 1927 by the merger of Juventus and SS Aesina Mazzini Jesi, in the early part in regional championships. The first official match was played against Loreto and ends 2–2. In December 1930 the club changed its name and became Associazione Sportiva Jesi from 1933 to 1934 in Jesi that participates in the 1st Division (Serie C1 then) and when you set up the Serie C the young lions are welcome to attend. The town of Jesi engages against large squares such as Taranto, Pescara, Venice, Vicenza, Udine, Padua, Rimini. In the 1939–1940 season the company into crisis and two years after the national soccer is idle.

From 1945 to 2008

In 1945–1946 reflects the competitive activities under the name Società Sportiva Jesina and square well in the second half of the 1st Division Marks, this allows it to participate in the C series the following year. Until the 1959–1960 season the team participates ups and downs Cup Series C, Series IV and later that year the Football Association Promotion establishing the Series D and will also enter the Jesi. After a few years back the young lions in C where they remained for four years before returning to D and even in 1975–1976, the downward spiral culminating in relegation in the Promotion.

In 1981, winning a memorable play-off against Riccione on the neutral ground of Arezzo, the team returned to series C, which meanwhile was divided into two categories. Jesi participate in the 1981–1982 championship of C2 where finishing 7th with 34 points. The following year the C1 escapes to a point, because the championship is won by Francavilla and second comes the Civitanovese while the young lions coming 3rd with 44 points. The 1983–1984 season is that of historic promotion to C1. The team comes first with 45 points beating the competition Monopoly of Teramo, the Giulianova and Macerata. The 1984–1985 season is back in the history of the company after many years to try against squads like the Leghorn, SPAL, the hated cousins dell'Ancona, Brescia, Vicenza, Piacenza, Reggio, Modena, Pistoia, Rimini and others. The young lions came together at 14 ° Split with 30 points but were relegated to the worst goal difference in head to head. The year after you create a squad but does not go beyond fourth place behind Teramo, Martina Franca and Maceratese. The season is one of Italy Cup final series C played and lost against Alzano Virescit (1–1 in Jesi, 3–2 after extra time in Bergamo). In 1986–1987 the team relegated to Serie D, but was miraculously fished out. In 1990–1991 but there are no lions retreat and repechage after losing the playoffs against the salvation of Chieti Altamura. The relegation brings a financial crisis and the club where he will go again excellent only in 1993–1994. In series D until the early part of 2000 with the anonymous samples taken in 1996–1997 which concludes that the 3rd and 7th but concludes that from 2000 to 2001 in half of the season had started a butt against Sambenedettese. In 2001–2002 you save the field but for a mistake committed by the Forlì against the Excellence Tolentino is found in total indifference. In recent years has created good teams for the Series D groped back but ran ensembles ever more competitive and lucky her, Macerata to Recanati, and the Centobuchi Elpidiense Cascina. In '07–'08 season finished second behind the surprising freshman Elpidiense Cascina and also reached the final play-offs but despite the great regional contribution of the fans, lost 1–0 to the Cingolani and dreams were shattered again.

Recent times

After a disappointing 2008–2009 but he sees the red and white training to win the Regional Coppa Italia Marche: then be eliminated from the national stage Cesenatico, the young lions out again in the 2009–2010 season in a league that sees the presence of teams like emblazoned Sambenedettese, Fermana and Vis Pesaro. Throughout the season, Jesi is in the area and manages to reach the playoffs for the fifth time the post-season where he confronts the 'Urban in the semifinals, defeating him despite a travel ban shame for the fans Durantin young lions in the city. The young lions back so Roccheggiani Falconara final where they lost two years earlier with the Cingolani and this time can dispel the taboo of the final playoff regional managing to defeat in a game banned for the faint of heart Floor San Lazarus 3–2 with networks Marcoaldi Alessandrini and Sassaroli. In the first round national 'round opponent is the formation of the Umbrian Spoleto Voluntas, liquidated Carotti 3–0 Gabrielloni a hat-trick, which unfortunately repeats in the match played behind closed doors in Umbria' s 1–1 final. The final promotion sees Jesi opposed to Giuliani's Klub Nogometni Kras. After two unlucky races (0–3 in Friuli Venezia Giulia with 3 poles hit, and 3–2 in the Marche region despite a double advantage after 10 minutes) is the team Monrupino to celebrate, leaving red and white fans to hope in repechage, which arrives in early August.

Colors and badge

Its colors are white and red.



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