Sør-Audnedal herred
Originally: Søndre Undal herred
Former Municipality

Vigeland village
Coordinates: 58°05′03″N 07°18′17″E / 58.08417°N 7.30472°E / 58.08417; 7.30472Coordinates: 58°05′03″N 07°18′17″E / 58.08417°N 7.30472°E / 58.08417; 7.30472
Country Norway
County Vest-Agder
District Sørlandet
Municipality ID NO-1029
Adm. Center Vigeland
Split from Undal in 1845
Merged into Lindesnes in 1964

Sør-Audnedal (former name: Søndre Undal or Sør-Undal) is a former municipality in Vest-Agder county in Norway. It is located in the central part of the present-day municipality of Lindesnes.


The municipality of Sør-Audnedal means "southern Audnedal", since it is the southern part of the old Audnedal municipality which encompassed the Audnedalen valley. The name Audnedal (Old Norse: Auðnudalr) is named after the Audna river (Old Norse: Auðna) which runs through the valley ("-dalr") and empties into the Snigsfjorden. The river name means "destruction".[1][2]


The municipality of Søndre Undal was established in 1845 when the old Undal municipality was divided into Nordre Undal and Søndre Undal. At that time, Søndre Undal had a population of 3,893. The name was later changed to Sør-Audnedal. On 1 January 1899, the western part of Sør-Audnedal, Spangereid, was separated to become a municipality of its own. The split left Sør-Audnedal with 2,958 inhabitants. On 1 January 1964, Sør-Audnedal was merged with Vigmostad and Spangereid to create the new municipality of Lindesnes. Prior to the merger, Sør-Audnedal had a population of 2,323.[3]


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