Søndermark Cemetery

Søndermark Cemetery

The chapel and crematory complex seen from the central avenue
Established 1929
Location 59 Roskildevej
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
Country Denmark
Coordinates 55°40′16″N 12°30′36″E / 55.67111°N 12.51000°E / 55.67111; 12.51000
Owned by Frederiksberg Municipality
Size 6 hectares

Søndermark Cemetery (Danish: Søndermark Kirkegård) is a cemetery in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark, located on Roskildevej, opposite Solbjerg Park Cemetery and next to Søndermarken and Copenhagen Zoo. It is the youngest of the three cemeteries in Frederiksberg Municipality.


The cemetery was designed by the landscape architect Gudmund Nyeland Brandt.[1]

Chapel and crematorium complex

A competition for a combined crematorium and chapel was held in 1926 and won by Edvard Thomsen and Frits Schlegel. The complex, which in part differs from their winning proposal, was built from 1927 to 1930, and is one of the earliest examples of Modernism in religious architecture in Denmark. The facade front is decorated with a large relief designed by Einar Utzon-Frank.[2]

The Birkelunden area was inaugurated in 1963.

Søndermark Cemetery today

Utzon-Frank's relief at the chapel front

To the north the cemetery is bound by a brick wall along Roskildevej. A gate opens into an avenue which leads to the chapel in the chapel-crematorium complex. Apart from the Birkelunden area, the layout is traditional and vegetation is kept low.


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