Ryo Kase

Ryo Kase
Native name 加瀬 亮
Born (1974-11-09) 9 November 1974
Yokohama, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Actor
Years active 2000–present
Agent Anore
Known for
Height 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)
Website www.anore.co.jp/kase/english/

Ryo Kase (加瀬 亮 Kase Ryō, born November 9, 1974 in Yokohama) is a Japanese actor.[1][2]

Early life

Kase was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. He moved to Bellevue, Washington in the United States soon after his birth, due to his father's job being transferred.[3]


Kase made his screen debut in Sogo Ishii's Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle in 2000.[3]

He portrayed Shimizu, one of the lower-ranked Japanese soldiers, in Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima.[4] He starred in Masayuki Suo's 2007 film I Just Didn't Do It.[5]

He has also appeared in films such as Gus Van Sant's Restless,[6] Abbas Kiarostami's Like Someone in Love,[7][8] Takeshi Kitano's Outrage,[9] and Outrage Beyond.[10]



Year Title Role Notes
2000 Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle
2001 Misuzu Masasuke
Hush! Soba-ya cashier
Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Fisher
2002 Rock'n'Roll Mishin Kenji Hamada
2003 Bright Future Fuyuki Arita
When the Last Sword Is Drawn Shohei Kondo
Kakuto Shinji
2004 Cutie Honey Todoroki
69 Ryo Otaki
The Taste of Tea Rokutaro Hamadayama
Nobody Knows Mini-market employee
2005 Pacchigi! Hideto Noguchi
Female Man Segment "Tamamushi"
About Love Tecchan Segment "Taipei"
Scrap Heaven Police officer Shingo
The Passenger Akira
Custom Made 10.30 Probationer angel "Jeff"
Dead Run Yuji Miyahara
2006 Funky Forest Takefumi
Hana Sodekichi
Honey and Clover Mayama Live action film
Strawberry Shortcakes Nagai
Letters from Iwo Jima Superior Private Shimizu
2007 I Just Didn't Do It Teppei Kaneko
Megane Yomogi
2008 10 Promises to My Dog Susumu Hoshi
Gururi no koto
The Sky Crawlers Yūichi Kannami
Paco and the Magical Book Kōichi
Tokyo! Segment "Interior Design"
2009 A Pierrot Izumi Okuno
2010 Outrage Ishihara
Sketches of Kaitan City Haruo Meguro
2011 Restless Hiroshi
2012 Like Someone in Love Noriaki
Outrage Beyond Ishihara
SPEC: Ten Takeru Sebumi [11]
2013 It's Me It's Me Tajima
Dawn of a Filmmaker Keisuke Kinoshita
SPEC: Close Takeru Sebumi [11]
2014 Hill of Freedom Mori
2014 My Hawaiian Discovery
2015 Our Little Sister Miu Sakashita
2016 Azumi Haruko wa Yukuefumei
2017 March Comes in Like a Lion Tōji Sōya










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