Rutilia (gens)

For the genus of flies, see Rutilia.

The gens Rutilia was a plebeian family (gens) of ancient Rome who begin to appear regularly in sources in the 2nd century BC. The first consul from the gens was Publius Rutilius Rufus, who was great uncle to Gaius Julius Caesar and an ally of Gaius Marius's during his term (105 BC).[1]


In the Republican era, the most common praenomina among the Rutilii are Publius (abbreviated P.), Marcus (M.), and Lucius (L.).

Branches and cognomina

During the Republican era, the cognomina of the known Rutilii are Calvus, Lupus and Rufus. Several others occur in the Imperial era. The coins issued by members of the gens have the cognomen Flaccus, which is not recorded for the family in literary sources.[2]


The following prosopographical lists make use of two sets of abbreviations: praenomina and filiation. A list of standard abbreviations for Roman first names appears at the article on the praenomen. Lowercase f. and n. stand for filius ("son"), or filia ("daughter") and nepos ("grandson" or "granddaughter"). For example:

Publius Rutilius L. f. L. n. Lupus
expanded: Publius Rutilius Lucii filius Lucii nepos Lupus
meaning: "Publius Rutilius, son of Lucius, grandson of Lucius, Lupus"

Republican era

Unless otherwise noted, the dates and offices are those given by T.R.S. Broughton, The Magistrates of the Roman Republic (American Philological Association, 1952), vol. 2, pp. 612–613.

Imperial era

Of uncertain date

Women of the gens


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