Rustico (pastry)


A rustico
Type Fresh pastry, bakery product
Course Appetizer, Snack
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Apulia, Salento
Main ingredients Puff pastry,[1] any stuffing (usually mozzarella, tomato sauce,[1] bechamel[1] and pepper)
Variations There are many ways to make a rustico (usually change size and stuffing) like the ones with spinach and ricotta or the ones with a wurstel.
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A rustico (plural: rustici) is an Italian snack of Salento made with puff pastry and a stuffing that varies style by style. A common preparation is puff pastry, tomato and mozzarella.[2] It is part of the Salentine street food tradition and is possible see it in each Apulian bar, bakery and rotisserie. It is produced with two discs of puff pastry,the lower disk is of about 10 cm (approximately 4 inch) in diameter and the upper one of 12 cm (about 5 inch), to which adds cheese and tomato. Then it is brushed with egg and baked in the oven. Should be eaten warm to best appreciated the taste and the melted mozzarella. In Salento is usually eaten like a snack of mid-morning or evening appetizer, both in summer and winter. It is actually more known the version with wurstel, which is easier recognized by the Northern Italy (perhaps to the influence of Austrians).

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