Russian legislative election, January 1907

Russian legislative election, January 1907
January 1907

All 518 seats to the
State Duma of the Russian Empire
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alexey Aladyin Pavel Milyukov Julius Martov
Party Trudoviks Constitutional Democratic Party Russian Social Democratic Labour Party
Seats won 104 98 65

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Viktor Chernov Alexander Guchkov Alexey Peshekhonov
Party Socialist Revolutionary Party Union of October 17 Popular Socialists
Seats won 37 32 16

Chairman before election

Sergey Muromtsev
Constitutional Democratic Party


Fyodor Golovin
Constitutional Democratic Party

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Russian Empire between January and March 1907. The Trudoviks emerged as the largest bloc in the third State Duma, winning 104 of the 518 seats.[1] Only 26 MPs elected the previous year retained their seats.[2] In Congress Poland, the National-Democratic Party won 34 of the 38 seats.[3]

The new Duma was opened on 6 March, with Fyodor Alexandrovich Golovin elected as its President.[2]


Party Seats +/–
Constitutional Democratic Party98–63
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party65+47
Socialist-Revolutionary Party37New
Moderates and Octobrists32New
Cossack Group17New
Popular Socialists16New
Party of Democratic Reform1–13
Source: Great Russian Encyclopedia


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