Russian legislative election, 2003

Russian legislative election, 2003
7 December 2003

All 450 seats to the State Duma
226 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 55.7%
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Boris Gryzlov Gennady Zyuganov Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Party United Russia Communist Party LDPR
Last election 90 seats, 24.29% 17 seats, 5.98%
Seats won 223 52 36
Seat change Increase 223 Decrease 38 Increase 19
Popular vote 22,779,279 7,647,820 6,943,885
Percentage 37.57% 12.61% 11.45%
Swing - Decrease 11.68pp Increase 5.56pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Dmitry Rogozin Grigory Yavlinsky Boris Nemtsov
Party Rodina Yabloko Union of Rightist Forces
Last election 20 seats, 5.93% 29 seats, 8.52%
Seats won 37 4 3
Seat change Increase 37 Decrease 15 Decrease 26
Popular vote 5,469,556 2,610,087 2,408,535
Percentage 9.02% 4.3% 4%

Results of the 2003 legislative election in the Russian Federation by proportional representation

Chairman before election

Gennadiy Seleznyov
Party of Russia's Rebirth


Boris Gryzlov
United Russia

Election results
Distribution of the constituency seats by federal subject.

Parliamentary elections were held in Russia on 7 December 2003.[1] At stake were the 450 seats in the State Duma (Gosudarstvennaya Duma), the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia (The legislature).

As expected, the United Russia pro-Vladimir Putin party won the largest number of votes and seats. Of the other parties, the Communist Party is still the largest, though much reduced in strength. Liberal Democratic Party improved its position by a few delegates. The liberal Yabloko party and the liberal-conservative Union of Rightist Forces lost most of its seats. The only other significant party is socialist Homeland Union.

Official results

Party PR Constituency Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
United Russia22,776,29437.612014,123,62523.9103223New
Communist Party7,647,82012.6406,577,59811.21252–61
Zhirinovsky Bloc6,944,32211.5361,860,9053.2036+19
Union of Rightist Forces2,408,5354.001,764,2903.033–26
Agrarian Party2,205,8503.601,104,9741.922New
Russian Pensioners' Party-Party of Social Justice1,874,9733.10342,8910.600–1
Party of Russia's Rebirth-Russian Party of Life1,140,4131.901,584,9042.733New
People's Party714,7051.202,677,8894.51717New
New Course–Automobile Russia509,3020.80222,0900.411New
For a Holy Russia298,8260.5059,9860.100New
Russian Ecological Party "The Greens"253,9850.4069,5850.1000
Development of Enterprise212,8270.40237,5270.411New
Great Russia–Eurasian Union170,7960.30464,6020.811New
Genuine Patriots of Russia149,1510.302,5640.000New
Peace and Unity148,9540.3010,6640.0000
United Russian Party Rus'147,4410.20570,4531.000New
Democratic Party of Russia136,2950.2094,8100.200New
Russian Constitutional Democratic Party113,1900.200New
Union of People for Education and Science107,4480.2016,1110.000New
People's Republican Party80,4200.102,9950.000New
Other parties288,8660.500
Against all2,851,9584.77,744,99813.1
Vacant seats33
Invalid/blank votes948,4351,247,491
Registered voters/turnout108,906,25055.7108,906,25055.3
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, IPU, 2003 elections[2]


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