Russian gubernatorial elections, 2012

Russian gubernatorial elections in 2012 took place on October 14 in Amur, Bryansk, Belgorod, Novgorod and Ryazan oblast.

The ballots in governors’ elections in the Amur, Belgorod and Ryazan regions had four names to choose from. The ballot in the Novgorod region contains three names. Totally, 17 candidates from six political parties will compete for five governor seats. The parties represent the State Duma’s "big four" United Russia, the Communists, the Liberal-Democratic Party and A Just Russia, as well as Right Cause and Patriots of Russia. Candidates from LDPR and the Liberal-Democratic Party competed in four regions, those from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in three, Right Course and Patriots of Russia are represented in two regions, and A Just Russia in one.[1]

The Russian Interior Ministry released a statement saying "To ensure law and order and public security, over 102,000 police and interior troops, 2,800-strong staff of private security firms and 3,900 representatives of voluntary people’s squads, public formations and Cossacks will be involved during the holding of the Unified Voting Day".[2]


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