Russian Federal Communications Agency

Министерство связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Agency seal

Headquarters of the agency in the Central Telegraph Building
Agency overview
Formed 2008
Jurisdiction Government of Russia
Headquarters Tverskaya 7, Moscow
55°45′30.98″N 37°36′40.05″E / 55.7586056°N 37.6111250°E / 55.7586056; 37.6111250Coordinates: 55°45′30.98″N 37°36′40.05″E / 55.7586056°N 37.6111250°E / 55.7586056; 37.6111250
Minister responsible

Federal Communications Agency (Russian: Федеральное агентство связи, abbreviated Rossvyaz, Russian: Россвязь) is the federal agency, controlled by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia.[1] It is responsible for providing public services, the management of state property and law enforcement functions in the field of communication and information.

Functions and role

The main activities of the Agency are:

Is the only body in the country issuing stamps and other government postage stamps (GZPO), which are designed and printed in the Mark Publishing and Trading Centre.

Heads of the agency

Agency leadership position held by the following:

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