The Finnish 234 mm Costal artillery in Russarö during the military exercise in the 1930s.

Russarö is an island south of Hanko. The island is closed to the public as it is military area of the Finnish Defence Forces. The island has a five-story stone lighthouse built in 1863[1][2] and a Finnish Meteorological Institute weather station.[3]

December 1939

On 1 December 1939, the Soviet cruiser Kirov accompanied by the destroyers Stremitelnyi and Smetlivyi approached the fortified coastal artillery battery located on the island. After a short exchange of fire Stremitelnyi and Kirov were hit and the detachment retired from battle. 17 men were lost aboard Kirov and 30 were counted wounded.


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Coordinates: 59°46′19″N 22°56′50″E / 59.77194°N 22.94722°E / 59.77194; 22.94722

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