Ruricius Pompeianus

Ruricius Pompeianus
Died 312
Allegiance Roman Empire
Rank Praetorian prefect
Battles/wars Battle of Verona (312)

Ruricius Pompeianus (died 312 Verona) was Praetorian prefect and Commander of cavalry and infantry under Maxentius, Western Roman Emperor.[1] While guarding the Adige and Po Rivers with the ample and well-directed forces of the province of Venetia,[2] Pompeianus was killed by Constantine I's troops during the desperately fought Battle of Verona (312).

Pompeianus is mentioned only briefly in two accounts of Constantine's campaign against Maxentius. In a panegyric from the year 313, he is called "Pompeianus". In the second source, also one of the Panegyrici Latini, by Nazarius, his name is given as "Ruricius". As it is clearly the same person, the conflict is usually resolved by combining the names into "Ruricius Pompeianus".[1]


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