Ruprecht of the Palatinate (Bishop of Freising)

Ruprecht of the Palatinate

Ruprecht, Count Palatine of the Rhine (Pfalzgraf bei Rhein), (14 May 1481, Heidelberg 20 August 1504, Landshut) was the third son of Philip, Elector Palatine of the House of Wittelsbach and he was Bishop of Freising from 1495 to 1498.


Count Palatine Rupert ruled as bishop elect of the Freising Hochstift from 1495 to 1498, without ever having been consecrated as a priest. He married Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (1478–1504) in 1499, the daughter of Duke George the Rich, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut. Rupert was adopted by his father-in-law, and declared the heir of Bavaria-Landshut which led to the outbreak of the Landshut War of Succession after the death of Duke George in 1503. After Elizabeth and Rupert were placed under the imperial ban by Emperor Maximilian on April 23, 1504, they died in quick succession later in 1504 of dysentery. The war ended on July 30, 1505 with the arbitration of Emperor Maximilian I at the Cologne Reichstag. The duchy of Palatinate-Neuburg was created as a compensation for their surviving children Otto Henry and Philip.

Family and Children

Married to Elizabeth of Bavaria-Landshut, daughter of George of Bavaria. They had the following children:

  1. Otto Henry (10 April 1502 12 February 1559), Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg (1505–1559) and Elector Palatine (1556–1559)
  2. Philip (12 November 1503 4 July 1548), Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg (1505–1541)
Ruprecht of the Palatinate (Bishop of Freising)
Born: 1481 Died: 1504
German royalty
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sixtus of Tannberg
Bishop of Freising
Succeeded by
Philip of the Palatinate


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