List of Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2 housemates

This is a list of housemates that participated in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2, a reality TV show based on the Dutch franchise, Big Brother.


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William "Will" Devaughn Stumpf (born: February 27, 1982) is a commercial model and endorser. He has notably appeared in several commercials shown in the Philippines. He is profiled as a "German with Filipino blood" whose Filipino-American biological father left him with his German mother.[1] He is playing for the Brave Kids Foundation. On Day 84, he was proclaimed the fourth placer of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


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Megan Lynne Young (born February 27, 1990) is an actress and former GMA Network talent. She is the first StarStruck star to transfer to rival station, ABS-CBN, in a bid to change her image from a villain to a "nice girl." She played one of the supporting characters in the sci-fi series Kokey along with first Celebrity Edition Housemate, Zanjoe Marudo. She played for the P.R.E.D.A. Foundation.


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Riza Raquel Santos (born August 30, 1986) is a Filipino-Canadian beauty queen and soldier trainee. She mentioned that her military career is influenced by her grandparents. She competed under the Canadian flag in the Miss Earth 2006 pageant. She is playing for Bantay Bata, ABS-CBN Foundation's charitable institution. On Day 84, she was proclaimed the second placer of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


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Ruben Gonzaga (born March 16, 1982) is a comedian in Davao. He is most noted there for his "Budotz Dance" (set to the music of Papi chulo (Te traigo el mmmm) by Panamanian group Lorna & La Factoria). He is not related to host Toni Gonzaga due obviously to their home bases. He is playing for Cosugian, a Home for The Aged in Davao City. On Day 84, he was proclaimed the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


Main article: Victor Basa

Victor Emmanuel Basa (born June 6, 1985) is a model, TV host, actor and teen idol. He was introduced as an illegitimate son who never saw his father until after the latter's death. He played for the Ahon sa Kalye Ministries.


Main article: Yayo Aguila

Maria Rosario "Yayo" Aguila (born September 16, 1967) is an actress and former teen idol introduced in the movie Bagets. After her marriage with William Martinez, she left showbiz to migrate to United States, only to return after finding no luck there. She is currently restarting her showbiz career. She is the eldest among the housemates. She is playing for the Bagets Foundation.


Main article: Baron Geisler

Baron Frederick von Geisler (born June 5, 1982) is an actor and former teen idol with half-German blood. He was introduced as being previously addicted to alcohol and was involved in numerous brawls. One of those brawls, in fact, left him with two visible scars on his left cheek. Now sober, he aims to try his best to be good son and brother.

He and his brother Donnie were dubbed as a "2-in-1 Housemate" where the two would be nominated as one unit.


Main article: Marylaine Viernes

Marylaine Louise Lagran Viernes (born September 29, 1986) is a member of the 26K models who appear in the game show Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal. She also writes a column for the Manila Times. She was accused of being "bipolar" because, according to her, she was at one time nerdy, but also took part at activities such as the cheerleading squad. To make her introduction a bit of a surprise, she entered along with the rest of the 26K while that show's Banker took her supposed place.

She and Jen were dubbed as a "2-in-1 Housemate" where the two would be nominated as one unit.


Main article: Jen Da Silva

Jennifer "Jen" Da Silva (born December 4, 1989) is former member of the 26K models. She was in the same show as Marylaine, but soon left because of personal differences with the other models. Because of their Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal connection, she and Marylaine were dubbed as the "2-in-1 Housemate" where the two would be nominated as one unit.[2] The two played for the Advocates For Youth Foundation.


Main article: Donald Geisler

Donald David Geisler III (born October 6, 1979) or "Donnie" is a retired Olympic taekwondo-jin and older brother of Baron Geisler. While he confesses as being a bit of a "wild child" like his brother, he tries to make his best for his son and for Baron. From Day 1 until Day 38, he and his brother, Baron, were considered as a "2-in-1 Housemate". They were separated as individual and independent housemates on Day 38.[2] The two played for the KIDS Foundation.


Main article: Gaby Dela Merced

Gabrielle Chanel "Gaby" dela Merced (born June 10, 1982) is a female Formula Three driver. She is an extreme sports nut who has also appeared in the local FHM. She mentioned that even though she came from a broken family, she doesn't show any signs of it, because she believes "life exists to make people happy." After her initial exit on Day 28, she returned to the house on Day 44 after the PBB staff surprised her at the airport during her arrival from US and asked her if she wants to come back to the PBB house, which she agreed. She is playing for the I Can Serve Foundation. On Day 84, she was proclaimed the third placer of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


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Marco "Mcoy" Fundales (born November 3, 1977) is the former frontman of the band Orange and Lemons, the band who sang the franchise's main theme, Pinoy Ako. He recounted how he lost both his first-born daughter and his father and how he went on with life. Prior to his entry to the House, the band had already announced their break-up due to differences between band members and their managers. He played for the Emmaus Home for the Aged in Malolos, Bulacan.


Zephorah "Zara" Aldana Mayon (born April 17, 1989) is a former Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific, winning the title in 2007. She gave up her crown in less than two months of her reign after controversies hounded her due to poverty. She played for the St. Camillus Medhaven in Marikina City.


Main article: Jon Avila

Jon Mullaly Avila (born September 1, 1985) is a commercial model and promotional model. He is half-British and half-Filipino. He faced racial discrimination back in the United Kingdom because of his Asian looks. He has stayed in the Philippines where his European complexion becomes noticeable to many. He is playing for the Tahanang Sta. Luisa in Quezon City.


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Ethel Gabison (born December 17, 1976) is a famous recording artist and comedian, most known as a pasaway (rebellious or annoying person). Like Megan, she was a talent from GMA, but later transferred to ABS-CBN. She was noted for her controversial relationship with basketball player Alex Crisano. Although she initially wanted to back out from the show, she eventually made the decision to enter on Day 4. She played for the C.R.I.B.S. Foundation. She returned to the house on Day 59, but as a houseguest.


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As a result of Mcoy Fundales and Ethel Booba's voluntary exit on Day 40 (November 22, 2007), replacement housemates were introduced in the house. Ex-housemate Gaby dela Merced re-entered the house on Day 44 (November 26, 2007) while new replacement housemate Gladys Guevarra entered the house on Day 46 (November 28, 2007).

Gladys Guevarra (born February 22, 1977) is a comedian and voice impersonator who previously worked in GMA 7. She was also the former lead vocalist of the band Gladys and the Boxers with K in which they were noted for their hit song Sasakyan Kita ("I'm gonna ride on with you"). She rose to prominence during her stint in noontime GMA show Eat Bulaga! Internal rifts and scandals, especially involving Janno Gibbs forced her to leave the show and eventually switch networks. To add further confusion and mystery to her identity before her entrance, she imitated the voices of Annabelle Rama and midget actress Mahal. She left the house on Day 58 due to depression and boredom.


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