Location in South Sudan

Coordinates: 9°17′37″N 29°47′21″E / 9.293485°N 29.789198°E / 9.293485; 29.789198Coordinates: 9°17′37″N 29°47′21″E / 9.293485°N 29.789198°E / 9.293485; 29.789198
Country  South Sudan
State Unity State
County Rubkona County
Elevation 1,300 ft (400 m)
Population (2006 Estimate)
  Total 7,700

Rubkona (or Rub Kona, Rub-Koni) is a town in Unity State, South Sudan. It lies on the northern bank of the Bahr el Ghazal River, connected by bridge to the state capital Bentiu.[1] This bridge was bombed by Sudanese Mig 29 bombers on Monday, April 23, 2012.[2] Rubkona is the administrative center of Rubkona County.[3]

During the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), conditions were extremely poor and dangerous. Refugees from the countryside moved to the town for greater safety.[4] After the peace agreement was signed in January 2005 there have been great improvements. The town now has a large market, and roads to the south are being greatly improved.[1] In the rainy season Rubkona is flooded. People must move from one part of town to another to escape the water.[4]


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