Coat of arms
Country Slovakia
Region Košice
District Košice-okolie
Elevation 215 m (705 ft)
Coordinates SK 48°45′N 021°21′E / 48.750°N 21.350°E / 48.750; 21.350Coordinates: SK 48°45′N 021°21′E / 48.750°N 21.350°E / 48.750; 21.350
Area 22.2 km2 (8.6 sq mi)
Population 2,160 (2004)
Density 97/km2 (251/sq mi)
First mentioned 1270
Mayor Viktor Gazdačko
Postal code 044 42
Area code +421-55
Car plate KS
Location of Rozhanovce in Slovakia
Statistics: MOŠ/MIS

Rozhanovce is a village in Košice-okolie District of eastern Slovakia. It is situated about 20 kilometres (12 mi) far from the city of Košice.


1773 Rozgony, Roscho[no]wetz, Rozhonow, 1786 Rozgony, Roszonowecz, 1808 Rozgony, Rozgoňowce, Rozhanowce, 1863–1913 Rozgony, 1920– Rozhanovce.[1]

A smaller part of Rozhanovce is located on flat land and a larger part in a hilly area rising from the west to the east. The center of the village lies at an altitude of 215 metres (705 ft). The area of the municipality is 22.2 square kilometres (8.6 sq mi). The best view of this village is from the west.

In historical records, the village was first mentioned in 1270. Rozhanovce is best known for the Battle of Rozgony (June 15, 1312), in which King Charles I of Hungary decisively defeated the Amadé Aba family (Slovak: Omodejovci), who were supported by the troops of Matthew III Csák (Slovak: Matúš Čák). Both Aba and Csák were de facto rulers in Upper Hungary (today parts of Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine).

In 2004, Rozhanovce had a population of about 2,160 people. 96.9% of them were Slovaks, 1.6% Romani. 79.4% of inhabitants were Roman Catholics, 7.7% Greek Catholics, and 3.9% atheists.

The festival called "Abov celebrations" takes place every year in Rozhanovce.


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