Royal Victoria Regiment

The Royal Victoria Regiment

Cap badge of the Royal Victoria Regiment
Active 1960–present
Country Australia
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Role Light Infantry
Size Two battalions
Part of Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Garrison/HQ 5th/6th Battalion - Hawthorn
8th/7th Battalion - Ballarat
March 5th/6th Battalion - Cock o' the North; Slow: "Garb of Auld Gaul"
8th/7th Battalion - Quick: I'm Ninety Five; Slow: Men of Harlech
Colonel-in-Chief HM The Queen
(Royal Australian Infantry Corps)
Colonel of
the Regiment
Alex Chernov AC, QC (Governor of Victoria)
Unit Colour Patch
Tartan Gordon
Abbreviation RVR

The Royal Victoria Regiment is an Infantry Regiment of the Australian Army, consisting of two battalions, the 5th/6th Battalion and the 8th/7th Battalion.


The Regiment was formed in 1960 as a result of the amalgamation of all the Citizen Military Forces infantry battalions in Victoria. The regiment was formed in 1960 as the Victoria Regiment as part of the reorganisation of the Australian Army by the amalgamation of the six existing infantry regiments in Victoria:

The regiment, renamed as the Royal Victoria Regiment in 1960, was initially formed of two battalions. In 1965. this was increased to four battalions, plus a single independent rifle company. A further reorganisation in the 1970s saw these battalions further amalgamated into the existing regimental structure. Currently the 5th/6th Battalion recruits mainly from the areas in and around the city of Melbourne, while the 8th/7th Battalion is responsible for the wider rural areas in Victoria.

Pipes and Drums

Formed in 1899 as part of the Victorian Scottish Regiment, the 5/6RVR Pipes and Drums is now the band for all battalions of the Royal Victoria Regiment.

Royal Victoria Regiment marching down Swanston Street past Flinders Street Station, as part of the 2006 ANZAC Day Parade in Melbourne


5th/6th Battalion, The Royal Victoria Regiment
8th/7th Battalion, The Royal Victoria Regiment

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