Royal Order of the Engabu

Royal Order of the Engabu
Awarded by Omukama of Bunyoro
Type Single-grade royal order
Eligibility Any individual, above the age of 25
Awarded for All that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind and Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in particular, and those who promote work for humanity and charity, for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger
Motto “Cum Alus Pro Alus”
Post-nominals OEBKK
Established June 18th 2010
Next (higher) Royal Order of the Omujwaara Kondo
Next (lower) Most Honorable Order of Omukama Chwa II Kabalega

The Order of the Engabu (English: Order of the Shield) is a single-grade royal order, within the Kingdom of Bunyoro in Uganda and is awarded solely by the Omukama of Bunyoro. The order was established in 2010, replacing the old Royal Order of the Crown. The name change was done to make sure that the Order of the Crown and the Order of the Coronet Wearer were not confused. The honor is junior to the ancient Royal Order of the Omujwaara Kondo. It is normally granted twice a year, once during the Empango ceremony (which most often is on June 11 each year) and the other on the birthday of the Omukama (H.M. Solomon Iguru I's birthday is June 18)

Originally the recipients of The Order of the Engabu received a breast star that is 90 millimeters in diameter. This star is worn at Empango ceremonies or other appropriate formal occasions, and members of the order sit in a special place of honor during the Empango events. Originally recipients of the Order of the Engabu were required to attend the Empango ceremony within a few years of receiving the order, but as of May 7, 2014 this practice has been waived.[1]

The Order have been researched and recognized by the Augustan Society.[2]

Intergenerational transfer rules

Insignias, Royal Order of The Engabu

Similarly to the Order of the Omujwaara Kondo, the honor is inherited by the original grantee's eldest child of the same sex at the moment of the original grantee's death or renunciation of the honor. Intergenerational transfer rules for the honor are described in Statute 8. For male grantees, the honor passes by patrilineal primogeniture. For female grantees, the honor passes by matrilineal primogeniture


There are several aspects of the award that recipients of the Order receive, and these are akin to Order of the Omujwaara Kondo and are mentioned in Section 5(b) of the Order's statutes.[3]

Thus, a typical modern recipient of the Order would be styled The Most Hon. Omukungu First Name Surname, 1st OEBKK.

Heraldic privileges

Additionally, per Section 20 of the Order's statutes, persons who receive the honor are also entitled to the right to display certain heraldic privileges. This section reads: 20. Heraldry of Members Heraldry has historically been limited in Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, with the exception of the Kingdom having an armorial achievement in the ensign of its historical flag and His Majesty the Omukama having similar heraldry. However, to honor some Members whose ancestors maintained heraldic customs, by authorization of His Majesty the Omukama, all Members of the Order who desire to have heraldry are entitled to display supporters and top their helm with a basic coronet if they desire to signify their status as Members.

Images of the order

Collar of the Order of the Engabu
Collar of the Order of the Engabu
Breat Star, Royal Order of the Engabu


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