Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC)

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Kellett Island, viewed from the west
Formation 1890 as Hong Kong Corinthian Sailing Club
Legal status active
Purpose advocate and public voice, educator and network for Recreational boating, and competitive sailors, coaches, volunteers and events
Official language
English, Chinese
Joachim Isler
Affiliations Hebe Haven Yacht Club; Aberdeen Boat Club
Website Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Kellett Island.
Middle Island facilities.
Former headquarters and clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, at the corner of Oil Street and Electric Road, North Point.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (Chinese: 香港遊艇會) is a Hong Kong sports club for sailing and rowing. Founded as Hong Kong Corinthian Yacht Club (H.K.Y.C.) [1] in 1890, it became the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in 1894.[2] It is one of the few local institutions to keep the "Royal" prefix after Hong Kong's handover to the People's Republic of China in 1997, despite support for its removal among some members prior to the handover.[3]

Early members were British only with military personnel on the board. Today, membership is open to all.


The main buildings of the club are located by Victoria Harbour on the former Kellett Island, now part of Causeway Bay following land reclamation, and forming the western boundary of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. The Club moved there in 1938, and the clubhouse was built in International Modern style in 1939[4] on the foundations of the old Naval Powder Magazine.[2] It was designed by architects G.G. Wood and J.E. Potter of Leigh & Orange.[5] The new premises were formally opened on 26 October 1940 by the Acting Governor, Lieutenant General Sir E. F. Norton.[6] The building has been listed as a Grade III historic building since 22 January 2010.[7]

In addition to Kellett Island, the club has two other clubhouses:[8]

Former headquarters in North Point

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For 30 years prior to moving to Kellett Island, the main buildings of the Club were located at No. 12 Oil Street, in North Point, then a waterfront location, before reclamation.[9] The former headquarters and clubhouse in Oil Street, built in the Arts and Crafts style, was officially opened on 21 March 1908 by the then Governor, Sir Frederick Lugard. The building was subsequently used as a garage, government staff quarters until 1998, as a storehouse of the Antiquities and Monuments Office until late 2007.[10] The buildings now house the Oi! arts center that aims to promote visual arts in Hong Kong by providing a platform for art exhibitions, forums and other art-related activities.[11] The Former Clubhouse of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has been listed as a Grade II historic building since 1995.[12]

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