Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

Royal Canadian Numismatic Association
Abbreviation RCNA
Formation 1950
Type Numismatic Association
Legal status active
Purpose promoting fellowship, communication, education, and providing advocacy and leadership for the hobby
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Region served
Official language
English, French
Affiliations CPMS

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association was founded in 1950. It is a nonprofit association for coin collectors and other people interested in Canadian numismatics. It has members throughout Canada and in other countries. At times, it also works with the Canadian Association for Numismatic Education (CAFNE), an arms length organization, which is defined by the CRA as a Canadian educational and charitable organization. CAFNE provides funding for some of the RCNA's educational seminars and publications.

Within the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association, founding member Jerome Remick suggested or initiated a number of significant changes. He recommended establishing a fellowship, encouraged the then CNA, now RCNA, to adopt a bilingual logo, and suggested creating the Young Numismatists Kit. In 1994, he established a literary award for best article in a club newsletter.[1]

At the RCNA Annual Convention in Ottawa, ON from July 17–20, the membership ratified a name change to The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association,[2] and the royal grant of title awarded by HM Queen Elizabeth II in October 2007.



The RCNA holds an annual convention in a different city each year. The convention includes educational seminars, both competitive and non-competitive educational display presentations, including a display by Canada's National Currency Museum ( a unit of the Bank of Canada), local tours, mint tours when available, specialty club meetings, luncheons, and an awards banquet. The convention also includes a major coin show, Canada's Money Collector Show, where within a bourse room, coin and money dealers buy and sell coins, and other numismatic items, with members and the public.

City and year of conventions


Members receive a subscription to the Canadian Numismatic Journal as part of their membership. Other RCNA publications include:


Members can borrow books and other materials from the CNA's library by mail.

Seminars and correspondence courses

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association launched its first numismatic correspondence course in 1995. Coordinating Editor of this project was Paul Johnson, while the Core Committee consisted of Brian Cornwell, Scott Douglas, Dr. Marvin Kay, Paul Petch and John Regitko and with special mention of the work by Barry McIntyre. The financial support for this project was attributed to Albert Kasman, and NESA, a then available Canadian educational and charitable organization.

Since the release of the original correspondence course in 1995, demand led to the creation of a new course for collectors. In 2005, the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association launched its new correspondence course, known as the Royal Canadian Numismatic Correspondence Course - Part II. The course was also launched in grand style at the RCNA Convention in Calgary.

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Correspondence Course - Part II consists of seventeen chapters, 486 pages and hundreds of photos. The authors were chosen from the R.C.N.A. membership for their numismatic expertise of the subject covered. The chapters include the following:[3]

Registrants who successfully complete either course I, or II, will receive a specially engraved "Certificate of Completion". Pricing for both courses is $90.00 each for R.C.N.A. members, and $132.00 for non-R.C.N.A. members [prices subject to change]. Payment is in Canadian dollars for Canadian residents and in US dollars for US residents. Others should contact the R.C.N.A.[3]

Chapter Course Title Author
1 Canadian History and Numismatics Wayne Jacobs
2 Buying and Selling Numismatic Material Michael Walsh
3 Grading Canadian Coinage Brian Cornwell
4 The Benefits of Organized Numismatics Chris Boyer
5 A History of Decimal Coinage in Canada Paul S. Berry
6 The Token - Canada's Original Currency Scott E. Douglas
7 Canadian Paper Money for Advanced Collectors Robert J. Graham
8 Canadian Tire "Money" as a Numismatic Collectable Roger A. Fox
9 Canadian Commemorative and Historical Medals & Art Medals Ronald A. Greene and

Del Newbigging

10 Exonumia and Related Items Marvin Kay, MD
11 Canadian Municipal Trade Tokens Serge Pelletier
12 The History and Collecting of Canadian Wooden Money Norm Belsten
13 Ancient and Medieval Coins of the Western World Bruce R. Brace
14 Computer Literacy and Its Use in Numismatics Bret Evans
15 An Overview of Canadian Numismatic Literature Daniel W. Gosling
16 The Benefits of Research In Numismatics Chris Faulkner
17 Developing Your Writing Skills and Using Illustrations In Numismatic Publications Peter N. Moogk, Ph. D.

The RCNA also offers educational seminars at its annual convention, and each fall of the year, a workshop on grading Canadian coins and coin and paper money preservation.


In 1990, the Executive Committee of the C.N.A established a member service award: Fellow – Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. The criteria for this award is that a member of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association must have performed a worthy service judged to be of a direct benefit to the association.[4] Nominations are made by members, and the recipients are decided by The Awards and Medals Committee. The committee proceeds by presenting its choices, up to 5 each year, at the annual convention. Fellows in the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association are authorized the use of the letters, F.R.C.N.A. to follow their name.[4] The first awards were made at the 1991 C.N.A. Convention in Toronto, Ontario.

Members awarded F.R.C.N.A. 1991 to date:

Fellow Year Bestowed
1991 Jerome Remick
1991 John Regitko
1992 Bill Waychison
1992 Yvon Marquis
1993 Kenneth Prophet
1994 Earl Salterio
1996 Tom Kennedy
1996 Barry Uman
1997 Paul Johnson
1997 Al V. Munro
1998 Geoffrey Bell
1998 Norman Williams
1999 Chris Boyer
1999 Tom Masters
2000 Stan Clute
2000 Ingrid Smith
2002 Paul Petch
2002 Jim Charlton
2003 Marvin Kay
2004 Dan Gosling
2004 George Fraser
2005 R. Brian Cornwell
2005 Les Copan
2007 William 'Bill' Kamb
2007 Michael 'Stan' Turrini
2008 Fred Freeman
2008 Charles Moore
2008 Tom Rogers[5]
2009 Vic Schoff
2009 Geraldine Chimirri-Russell
2010 William K. Cross
2010 Henry Nienhuis
2011 Margaret Clarke
2011 Tom Clarke
2012 Barrie Renwick
2012 Scott Douglas
2013 James Williston
2013 Serge Pelletier [6]



The RCNA Annual Convention bestows a number of awards. The list of awards is as follows:

Jerome H Remick III Literary Award Winners

Year Winner Year Awarded Location
1994 Guy Veillette 1995 Calgary
1995 Jean Luc Giroux 1996 Montreal
1996 Jean Luc Giroux 1997 Moncton
1997 Yvon Marquis 1998 Edmonton
1998 Ian Hunter 1999 Kitchener
1999 Not Awarded 2000 Ottawa
2000 David Bergeron 2001 Québec City
2001 Geraldine Chimirri-Russell 2002 Vancouver
2002 Ken Cameron 2003 Windsor
2003 Wayne Jacobs 2004 Toronto
2004 Troy Carlson 2005 Calgary
2005 Pierre Bouchard 2006 Niagara Falls
2006 Tolling Jennings 2007 Niagara Falls
2007 Ron Cheek 2008 Ottawa
2008 Geraldine Chimirri-Russell 2009 Edmonton
2009 Robert J. Graham 2010 Saint John
2010 Ron Cheek 2011 Windsor
2011 Serge Pelletier 2012 Calgary
2012 David Bergeron [6] 2013 Winnipeg

Louise Graham Memorial Club of the Year Award Winners

Year Winner Year Awarded Location
1986 Calgary Numismatic Society 1987 Calgary
1987 Regina Coin Club 1988 Charlottetown
1988 Regina Coin Club 1989 Quebec City
1989 Le Club de Numismates du Bas St. Laurent (Rimouski, Québec) 1990 Vancouver
1990 Calgary Numismatic Society 1991 Toronto
1991 L'Association des Collectionneurs de Monnaies des Laurentides (St-Jerome, Quebec) 1992 Montreal
1992 Calgary Numismatic Society 1993 Moncton
1993 Calgary Numismatic Society 1994 Hamilton
1994 Edmonton Coin Club 1995 Calgary
1995 Taylor Evans Coin Society (Guelph, Ontario) 1996 Montreal
1996 Waterloo Coin Society 1997 Moncton
1997 Edmonton Numismatic Society 1998 Edmonton
1998 Edmonton Numismatic Society 1999 Kitchener
1999 Not Awarded 2000 Ottawa
2000 Calgary Numismatic Society 2001 Québec City
2001 No Entries 2002 Vancouver
2002 Edmonton Numismatic Society 2003 Windsor
2003 Windsor Coin Club 2004 Toronto
2004 Le Club de Numismates du Bas St-Laurent (Rimouski, Québec) 2005 Calgary
2005 Calgary Numismatic Society 2006 Niagara Falls
2006 Calgary Numismatic Society 2007 Niagara Falls
2007 Regina Coin Club 2008 Ottawa
2008 City of Ottawa Coin Club 2009 Edmonton
2009 Waterloo Coin Society 2010 Saint John
2010 Calgary Numismatic Society 2011 Windsor
2011 Windsor Coin Club 2012 Calgary
2012 Windsor Coin Club [6] 2013 Winnipeg

This award is strictly an RCNA award for RCNA members, and is not to be confused with the J. Douglas Ferguson award, the highest award in Canadian numismatics, which does not require membership in the RCNA.

Paul Fiocca was publisher of Canadian Coin News from 1989 until his retirement, remaining a supporter of Canadian numismatics and giving freely of his own time and expertise. He served as editor of The CN Journal for a number of years, and was serving the RCNA in that capacity at the time of his death in 2007. The award that bears his name is funded by donations from Trajan Publishing Corporation and others that were his friends.

The President of the Association presents the Paul Fiocca Award at each year’s annual RCNA convention to a Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) member.

The first recipient is James E. Charlton, one of Canada's most distinguished numismatists. The announcement was made July 19 during the annual awards banquet of The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and the actual presentation was made several days later in Grimsby, Ontario. Mr. Charlton, the current honorary president of the RCNA, is often referred to as the dean of Canadian numismatics, or the father of modern numismatics in Canada. Charlton is best known for his Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins. While the Certificate of Award could have listed Mr. Charlton’s significant contributions to the Association, it reads simply “For Long Term, Meritorious Service to the R.C.N.A.” [7] The criteria for the award is for long-term, meritorious service or major contributions to the RCNA.[7]

Paul Fiocca Award Winners

Year Winner Home Town
2008 James E. Charlton Grimsby ON
2009 Geoffrey G. Bell Shediac NB
2010 Tim G. Henderson Florenceville NB
2011 Dr. Marvin Kay North York ON
2012 Ronald Greene Victoria BC
2013 Norman Williams [6] Vancouver BC

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