Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force

Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force
Founded 1 November 1981
Current form 1995
Service branches Antigua and Barbuda Regiment
Antigua and Barbuda Coast Guard
Antigua and Barbuda Cadet Corps
Headquarters Camp Blizard
Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Gaston Browne
Chief of Defense Colonel Sir Trevor Thomas
Military age 18
Available for
military service
18,952 males, age 15–49,
18,360 females, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
14,859 males, age 15–49,
14,947 females, age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
507 males,
494 females
Active personnel 170 (1998)
Reserve personnel 75 (1998)
Percent of GDP 0.7%

The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force is the armed force of Antigua and Barbuda. The ABDF has responsibility for several different roles: internal security, prevention of drug smuggling, the protection and support of fishing rights, prevention of marine pollution, search and rescue, ceremonial duties, assistance to government programs, provision of relief during natural disasters, assistance in the maintenance of essential services, and support of the police in maintaining law and order.

The ABDF is one of the world's smallest militaries, consisting of 245 people. It is much better equipped for fulfilling its civil roles as opposed to providing a deterrence against would-be aggressors or in defending the nation during a war.


380X Defender of the ABDF Coast Guard during the "Tradewinds 2013" joint training exercise

The ABDF consists of four major units:

Former deployments



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