Roto Records

Founded 1956 (1956)
Defunct 1980s (1980s)
Status Defunct
Country of origin United States
Location Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Roto Records was a record label based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The name "Roto" was chosen simply because "it [a record] goes round and round."[1]

The label's first releases were in 1956 by local artists Bobby Lowell and The Rock-A-Boogie Boys.[2][3] The label continued releasing recordings by Lowell and other local artists through the mid-1980s.[4]

Notable Artists

Artist Album Format Year
Norman Sullivan She Called Me Baby / Folsom Prison 7", Single 1966
University Of Nebraska Band Go Big Red 7", Single Unknown
Bobby Lowell Umm Baby Baby 7", Single 1955
Bobby Lowell Sixteen Chicks 7", Single 1955


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