Rothschild Mausoleum

The Rothschild Mausoleum is a mausoleum in the Jewish Cemetery at West Ham, England. [1]


The circular, domed, mausoleum was built in 1866 by Ferdinand James von Rothschild for his late wife Evelina de Rothschild who died in childbed at age 27. The architect was Matthew Digby Wyatt. It is fashioned of marble in Renaissance revival style. [2][3] Nikolaus Pevsner notes the "dome of Eighteenth-century detail on attached Corinthian columns" and praises the ironwork and stone carving, calling it worthy of "the attention of the student of mid-Victorian detail." [4]

Anti-Semitic attack

In 2005 in what the police described as "a despicable racist attack" by anti-Semitic vandals, the doors of the mausoleum were pounded with heavy iron bars until they were bashed in, then they were torn from the building.[5][6]


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