Rosh Hashanah LaBehema

Rosh Hashanah LaBehema
Official name Hebrew: ראש השנה לבהמה
English: New Year for Animals
Observed by Jews in Judaism
Type Jewish
Significance Tithing domestic animals
Observances Reflecting on domestic animals
Date 1st of Elul
2015 date Sunset, August 15th–Nightfall, August 16th
2016 date Sunset, September 3rd–Nightfall, September 4th
2017 date Sunset, August 22nd–Nightfall, August 23rd
2018 date Sunset, August 11th–Nightfall, August 12th
Frequency annual
Related to Four New Years

Rosh Hashanah LaBehema (Hebrew: ראש השנה לבהמה "New Year for Animals") is a minor Jewish holiday, occurring on the first day of the Hebrew month of Elul. During the time of the Temple this was the new year to determine the start date of animal tithes.

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