Rosenborg, Trondheim

Rosenborg is an area of Trondheim, Norway, located east of Møllenberg, south of Lademoen, north of Tyholt, and west of Persaunet. Organisationally it is part of the Østbyen borough. The area is mostly residential, both houses and apartments. The eastern part of Rosenborg also borders to Kristiansten Fortress and the surrounding park. There is also a large amateur football arena that among others hosts the women's team Trondheims-Ørn. The area also has given name to the Norwegian Premier League team Rosenborg Ballklub, that now is located at Lerkendal.

Rosenborg has its name from the noble family Rosenvinge.

Coordinates: 63°25′53″N 10°24′48″E / 63.43139°N 10.41333°E / 63.43139; 10.41333

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